Kubb is a game for all, and the U.S. Championship is open to everyone.
All ages, skill levels, and experience are welcome.

- 12th Annual -

July 13-15, 2018

Eau Claire Soccer Park (Hamilton Ave./Craig Rd.)



Other tournaments:
(over 40 in the U.S.)

The U.S. National Kubb Championship started in 2007 with 15 teams and 35 players. In 2017, there were 128 teams with over 450 players.  The U.S National Kubb Championship is the largest kubb tournament outside of Europe. It is one of three, two-day tournaments in the world, and it is the second largest tournament in the world with painted kubbs and kings. Through our outreach program, the organization takes part in numerous local activities, events, and programs throughout the year to promote kubb in Eau Claire and around the country.

Kubb is a game for all, and the U.S. Championship is a tournament for all. From first-time players to past champions, all skill levels and experience are welcome. Participants have ranged between six years old and in their 80s. Kid Kubb is held the day before the U.S. National Kubb Championship and is open to participants 12 years old and younger. The Pre-Championship is held two week before the U.S. National Kubb Championship.

On December 13, 2011, through the City Council, Eau Claire, WI officially became the Kubb Capital of North America. The U.S. Championship is one of many kubb tournaments, leagues, and events in the Eau Claire area.

2018 kubb events in Eau Claire area

EC Kubb League Winter (sand indoor)- December-March - EC
EC Kubb League Winter Meltdown (sand indoor)- 01.06 - EC
EC Kubb League Spring Has Sprung Tournament (sand indoor) - 03.?? - EC
EC Kubb League Spring - April-June - EC
The Leinenkugel's Kubb Championship - 04.28 - Chippewa Falls
Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Kid Learn To Play - 06.12 - EC
Pre-U.S. Championship Tournament - 06.30 - EC
Kid Kubb (U.S. National Junior Kubb Championship) - 07.13 - EC
U.S. National Kubb Championship - 07.14 and 07.15 - EC

EC Kubb League Fall - August-October - EC

WHYS Radio Bluegrass Festival - 08.18 - Altoona

Eastside Hill Neighborhood Derby - 08.19 - EC
Eau Claire Co-Ed Tournament - ??.?? - EC



The U.S. National Kubb Championship is a fundraiser for:
We Help War Victims and Girls On The Run Chippewa Valley

Championship & King
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Kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth.

Kubb förenar människor och skapar fred på jorden.