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Kid Kubb


Kid Kubb 2024 (U.S. Junior Kubb Championship) 
Eau Claire, WI - Friday, July 12
Eau Claire Soccer Park (Craig and Hamilton) - map
Registration opens March 30. 

What is Kid Kubb?
Since 2007, one of our focuses has been introducing kids to kubb. This has been done at schools, park and recreation programs, events, and more. Kid Kubb was the first kubb event in the U.S. that is specifically for kids. Teams will play with U.S. Championship kubb sets. All players will receive a 2024 U.S. Championship shirt and Culver's frozen custard. Kid Kubb is open to any child that is entering 8th grade or younger. Teams can pay in advance or at Kid Kubb. Minimum of two players on a team (no player may throw more than three batons and no player may throw more than two batons in a row). The cost is $10/player.

8am-9am: sign-in/practice
8:45am: player meeting
9am: round-robin Group Play games
10:30am: playoffs start (three rounds)

Pitches: Pitches will measure seven meters long and five meters wide.
Group Play: Teams are placed in groups. Each team will play round-robin matches in their group. All matches are best-of-three, with a 20 minute time-limit.
Playoffs: The top two teams in each group will advance to the playoffs. 
Registration and questions:
Email: usakubb[at] or call at 715.829.2892
You will need to submit the following for each team:
1) Team name
2) Email address
3) Number of players and t-shirt sizes
4) City



2023 Results:
Champion - Teenage Mutant Ninja Kubbers
2nd Place - The Heat

3rd Place - Wild Bucks
4th Place - The Reapers

2022 Results:
Champion - Math Masters
2nd Place - Teenage Mutant Ninja Kubbers

3rd Place - The Heat 
4th Place - Kubb Krushers

2021 Results:
Champion - Firehawks 
2nd Place - The Tigers

3rd Place - Math Masters 
4th Place - The Kings

2019 Results:
Champion - Math Masters 
2nd Place - Kubbeans

3rd Place - The Heat 
4th Place - Teenage Mutant Ninja Kubbers 

2018 Results:
Champion - Kubboom Jr. 
2nd Place - Strikers 

3rd Place -  Kubb Jedi 
4th Place - The Heat 

2017 Results:

Champion - Kubboom Jr

2nd Place - The Three Kubbateers 

3rd Place -  Kubb Jedi 

4th Place - The Heat

2016 Results:
Champion - Kubbicorns 
2nd Place - RingBoom 

3rd Place - Kubb Jedi 
4th Place - Girls Just Want To Kubb 

2015 Results:
Champion - Kubb Craft 
2nd Place - Kubby Railroaders 
3rd Place - Kubbicorns
4th Place - The Dark Wizards 

2014 Results:
Champion - Kubbarate
2nd Place - Ringers
3rd Place - Kubby Railroaders
4th Place - KubBlast

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